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Networking in person can bring many advantages to your business that otherwise wouldn't be possible. If you've ever corresponded with someone via email and later met them in person, you may have discovered that the two forms of communication revealed two different personalities. Or maybe you spoke to someone over the phone after communicating over the Internet, and your perception of the person changed completely. Sometimes email has a way of hiding an underlying personality, and such knowledge could benefit the way you operate your business.

Live events work the same way. Most people are accustomed to generating their opinions based on the written word, but when you have the opportunity to meet the person behind the email, it is likely to open up some new avenues in your relationship. Speaking face-to-face provides a personal connection that isn't possible to do over the Internet. In most cases, you will probably be pleasantly surprised with what's revealed.

Internet marketing events have become increasingly popular over the past few years, due to the advancement of offline practices. It used to be that there were only 4 or 5 heavily advertised events each year. Today, if you keep an ear out, you can count on hearing about an event in most parts of the country.

The exciting thing about the increasing number of events is that they will be able to be offered at more affordable rates, due to the demand. You don't have to make plans to travel several states away to get to an event anymore. You are likely to find one at the most an hour or two away from where you call home.

Another advantage of live events is that you have the chance to make yourself known. You will be able to meet with a number of Internet marketers at various stages of their careers, which could provide for a handful of opportunities in your favor. If you are in the beginning stage of your career, you can take advantage of their expertise or mentorship. Or maybe you are quite experienced and want to seek out Joint Venture (JV) possibilities within your niche. No matter what reasons you have for going, it will prove to be a valuable experience.

To put it simply, it's not wise to overlook networking in person. Although the comforts of home are warm and inviting, the addition of making a live appearance at an Internet marketing event is soon likely to become the norm.

Here's The Atlanta Georgia Event Schedule:

Santa Barbara September 19 – 21
Edmonton September 19 – 21 2017
Los Angeles September 20 – 23 2017
Bengaluru September 25 – 27 2017
Phoenix September 26 – 28 2017
Richmond September 26 – 28 2017
London October 3 – 5 2017
Jacksonville October 3 – 5 2017
Sioux Falls October 3 – 5 2017
Atlanta Georgia October 10 – 12 2017 Register Here
Fargo – Grand Forks October 10 – 12 2017
Detroit October 10 – 12 2017
Perth October 17 – 19 2017
Orlando October 17 – 19 2017
Indianapolis October 24 – 26 2017

The next events are being held in these cities:,_Georgia,_Georgia

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